What are the needs of a business traveller?

What Are The Needs Of A Business Traveller?

Travelling for business has increasingly become a norm in the corporate and start-up world.

It is now a norm to cater to the transportation, food, and business needs of corporate travellers. A great business hotel caters to all of these diverse needs of a business traveller.

What if there is a big convention in the city that brings a large number of people at the same time? In a situation like that, all hotels are operating at their peak. What distinguishes the best business hotels from the rest is their ability to provide fast and reliable service in any situation.

Let’s look at the factors that help corporate/business traveller decide if they will come back to the business hotel or not.


Transportation is a huge hassle for any business traveller. Getting stuck in traffic for long hours can be quite painful. Hence, a business stay must be in proximity to transportation hubs. 

Proximity to large convention centres is preferable as the guest does not have to travel back and forth between venues and his stay. The resulting efficiency makes him happy and satisfied with the hotel.


Tech-Enabled Meeting Rooms

Meeting rooms adequately equipped with technology are an important part of a business traveller’s stay.

If they are visiting the hotel with their team or need to give a presentation to an important client, a meeting room with all the needed technology establishes a long-lasting impression on the guest. It should also be stressed that technology must be up-to-date and in reliable working condition.

The basic technology that every meeting room needs to include are webcams, microphones, a projector and screen, and a Wi-Fi connection.

Tech-Enabled Meeting Rooms

Spacious and Beautiful Rooms

A large chunk of the guest’s time is spent in their hotel room.

Therefore, it needs to be spacious and have an interior design that soothes a stressed-out mind of a business traveller. A room with enough power sockets, a separate working station, and a comfortable bed makes the overall experience of the guest unforgettable.

There is nothing more relaxing than a comfortable bed after a long day of hard work for a corporate traveller. 

Moreover, a beautiful view of the city goes a long way in increasing the satisfaction levels of guests. Beauty is indeed the cure to the stressed-out and fast-paced lifestyle of a corporate traveller.

business traveller

Delicious Food

After all, is said and done, a person looks for good food to re-energize and relax.

Delicious and hygienic food is icing on the cake for any business hotel. If your hotel has separate restaurants that serve different cuisines, your guests will be able to enjoy diverse delicacies depending on their mood and time of day.

However, a fast and reliable service should be coupled with delicious food. Orders by guests should ideally not take long. They must also be informed of any delays caused.

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Extra Amenities

A sedentary lifestyle is one of the biggest health risks for all corporate workers.

It is no wonder keeping themselves physically active is a top priority.

A gym or a swimming pool ensures that corporate travellers do not miss out on their regular workouts. Having a spa is the cherry on top. It rejuvenates their bodies after high-intensity exercises or long work days. 

As pleasing as these needs sound, it is quite rare to find a business cum leisure stay which takes care of the minutest details of their guests. One of those rare finds is the upcoming premium stay “ExpoInn Suites & Convention” at Greater Noida. 

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Why ExpoInn is one of the Best Premium Business Stays

Even though all of the above mentioned things might sound simple, putting everything together and executing it with perfection is a task only a few are able to achieve.

ExpoInn prides itself as being one of the best business stay in Greater Noida.

What’s more? It is situated at a prime location which puts it in close proximity to the upcoming Jewar airport along with other centres of cultural importance.

Being part of the IEML family, ExpoInn is an industry-first business stay that is built keeping the needs of convention and trade-show visitors in mind.

With a convention centre that can house 800-3500 people and a technologically advanced meeting room, ExpoInn ensures that corporate events like product launches and conferences take place as smoothly as possible.

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ExpoInn follows the philosophy of Blesuire, a blend of business and leisure. Because we believe that while on a business trip, leisure should not take a back seat.

Luxurious suites and pleasant rooms help make the stay experience of our guests memorable and as comfortable as possible. 

While staying, the guests can enjoy a diverse range of cuisines and drinks from ExpoInn’s restaurants: Paprika, Cafe Amaris and Lounge Bar Altus. 

Amenities like gym and a swimming pool will help you reap the benefits of a healthy and active lifestyle. Afterward, relax and rejuvenate in our spa.

With ExpoInn, you get the whole package. Our dedicated team of professionals ensures that no need of business travellers goes unnoticed. After all, travelling for business does not have to be so tedious. 

If you agree with us, then what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today. Simply visit our website or connect with us on phone: 01206966-555.