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Top 10 Trending Decor Ideas For Your Fairytale Wedding

The wedding season in India is in full bloom right now. The much-loved display of cultural diversity and traditions makes it one of the most vibrant seasons that many await. 

Indian weddings are known to be a royal affair, no less than a grand spectacle, that involves pre and post-wedding festivities that last for days. 

But planning an Indian wedding is not easy, especially with days of rituals involved. Everybody wants to be a step ahead in planning for the big day, but it takes months of planning to pull off that perfect wedding timeline.

From flawless execution to elevating the guest experience, planning a wedding can be overwhelming and downright stressful.

Your wedding is a magical moment, and it may lose its sheen if you don’t keep up with the times and incorporate the latest, much-in-trend decor ideas.

Decors remain one of the most crucial elements while planning an entire wedding, and since it is a big day for you, it shouldn’t be any less impactful.

After all, wouldn’t you want your wedding day to be unique and unforgettable?

A wedding day is a reflection of your personality, and decor precisely does that — sets the tone and mood of your celebration.

The task gets way more challenging if you are running on a busy schedule and still have wedding decoration ideas to finalise for the big day. Not to forget, it may even burn a hole in your pocket if you leave it for the last moment.

The struggle is real. Hence, we bring you ten of the most popular and extraordinary modern wedding decoration ideas that will leave every guest in complete awe.

Jaw-Dropping Floral Decor

The much-in-trend floral decor can turn your wedding venue into a spectacular and enchanting experience for the guests.

Since Indian weddings are extravagant events, floral walls add more colour, charm and grandeur to the wedding. 

From a gorgeous flower arch to a stunning floral walkway leading to the mandap, floral decor can add more natural beauty while giving an ethereal look to the wedding.

From the latest trends Green, Blue and Pink are the colours of the season giving a radiant flower decor to your wedding. 

Beautiful Colourful Tassels

It’s hard to imagine weddings nowadays without vibrant tassels. Tassels add a magical touch and are one of the most preferred elements of Indian weddings.

Visually appealing, tassels are fun, versatile and can seamlessly blend in with the wedding theme. 

These adorable embellishments are not only the bride’s favourite to pair with the bridal lehenga but can stylishly be hung with the wedding chairs, mandaps and chandeliers to grab guests’ eyeballs.

Magical String & Fairy Lights

Give an elegant touch to the wedding decor and charm your guests with string lights. These versatile shimmering lights add a romantic touch while brightening up your D-day.

From transforming a simple entrance into a breathtaking one to twinkling canopies, string lights can make any wedding a dreamy affair.

Illuminating Glowing Lanterns

Excellent lighting can help channel simplicity and achieve great wedding aesthetics.

And lanterns are a great way to complement the wedding theme, giving you endless possibilities to amp up your D-day glam quotient.

If string lights can be enthralling, then lanterns cascading with floral arrangements and candles can be equally dreamy, exquisite and awe-inspiring.

Inverted Parasols & Umbrellas Hung Mid-Air

Umbrellas have a quirky charm that adds more to the wedding decor. Whether your wedding is an intimate affair or a grand one, umbrellas and parasols add a striking feature to it.

Hanging umbrellas and parasols make a great pair with floral decor and string lights. From decorating it with flowers to having them as cute centrepieces, these uber-cool elements only add more frenzy to your big day.

Add Royal Touch With Chandeliers

Want to add more glamour to the wedding?

Chandeliers are your best bet as they bring a luxurious feel to the wedding ceremony. 

Chandeliers are never out of fashion and add more elegance while giving a touch of opulence to the contemporary-modern wedding.

A giant floral or even a dazzling crystal chandelier can light up your wedding ceremony instantly.

Colourful Origami Photo Booth

A wedding is a special occasion where loved ones celebrate a union together, and no one wants to miss out on collecting memories.

The colourful origami photo booth decor is an absolute stunner and offers an easy-breezy backdrop to those wanting to capture the wedding moments.

The much-in-fashion Japanese art infused with photo booths can give a surreal look to your wedding.

Customised Neon Sign With Couple’s Name

A personalised name sign for the bride and the groom is the latest trendy element to be added to wedding ceremonies.

The custom-made neon wedding signs with the couple’s name have garnered much attention lately.

The neon bar signage of the couple’s name can be displayed with a green backdrop, or it can also be paired with your favourite flowers and miniature disco balls, amplifying your positive aura on the most-awaited day.

wedding decoration ideas

Colourful Drapes

Colourful drapes can be the most eye-catching feature that gives a dreamy touch to the wedding.

The romantic and elegant drapes paired with flowers and string lights can become a highlight of any major ceremony.

The alluring floor-to-ceiling drapes enhance the wedding venue’s overall look, radiating exuberance.

wedding decoration ideas

Witty & Funny Wedding Signages

Wedding ceremonies can be emotional, but witty and funny wedding signages are a great way to add more fun to the union.

Guests sure wouldn’t mind walking through the venue and sharing a good laugh while reading the witty quotes and signages.

From designing a hilarious menu to bar sign boards warning guests to proceed with caution, wedding signages are the latest to spruce up the wedding ceremonies.

wedding decoration ideas

So incorporate these trending decor ideas and glam up your wedding with all the style statements it deserves.

Whether you plan to keep it traditional in line with age-old customs or want to infuse some western style, you are welcome to think out-of-the-box or add some of your personal touches to the above mentioned decor ideas.

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